Is the Autism Zone a Public Charity? Is it OK to make donations here and deduct them from my income, according to the IRS?  

  • Answer: Yes, donations to our charity are tax deductible. However, just to be sure you can check the IRS Website or you can simply download and print the IRS notice by clicking here Irs Approval .

I know this is a car donation page but I want to help with cash. What do I do? 

  • Answer: Every kind of generous donation is welcome. You can go to our donations page Donations Page and contribute to our cause. We are using PayPal, so rest assured that everything is 100% secure.

The web page says car donation page. Is that all you take or are there other things we can donate? 

  • Answer: We accept any kind of vehicle you can offer. Cars are the most common choice, but we have also been offered pick-up trucks, motorcycles and boats with motors (on trailers, of course)! If you have anything different to donate, such as snowmobiles, scooters, water scooters, high cube vans, stake and flatbed trucks or any other vehicle, all you have to do is call 800.799.3323 and simply ask us!

What do you do with all these wheels?

  • Answer: Our main goal is to raise funds for families touched by Autism. So, our priority is to liquidate these vehicles and use the money to help families in need. We utilize car dealers, vehicle auctions and even junk dealers, in order to achieve the best results!

Who runs this program and what experience does he have with Autism?

  • Answer: The man behind the dream is Bob McGuire. He is a retired expert carpenter and has dedicated his life towards helping families touched by Autism. Families just like his own. His son was born in 1979, before Autism was even heard of by most people. He has spent endless hours educating himself on the unique needs and troubles of families with Autistic members, getting in touch with medical experts and gaining the needed experience to start helping others. You can find out all about Bob’s story on our page How We Started!

Where are you located and where do you take cars from? 

  • Answer: Our headquarters are in Michigan. This is where it all started. However, we can take cars from all over the lower 48 states. We are planning to expand our network even more. We have tow trucks and dealers waiting and ready to serve you everywhere. Rest assured that your donation will be 100% hassle-free. We will take care of every little detail.