About Us

The Autism Zone Inc.

We live in a challenging era. Families have to face tremendous difficulties in order to make ends meet. Especially families that have been touched by Autism.

You cannot even imagine how difficult it is to cope with Autism. And as always, children suffer most. The depressing truth is that families with an Autistic child have a divorce rate of 90%. That’s heart-breaking and perfectly illustrates the harsh reality for those families. Raising an Autistic child can be a huge struggle and we want to help them survive!

It’s up to those of us who care about families and single parents who struggle with Autism, to make a difference!

I urge you to support our noble cause!

If you have an unwanted car that you can donate to our charity, you can help us raise the necessary funds in order to provide the much-needed relief for those families! The money raised from the car donations will be used to make life a little more joyful for Autistic children. A Sunday picnic or a magician at a party will mean the world to them! You can rest assured that your gift is tax deductible, so you have nothing to lose!

Help us build a future filled with hope and promise for those families!

Your generosity can give them a new lease on life!